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  1. Hep Magazine

    March 4, 2013 by 16stone

    Hep Magazine was a monthly publication of Good Publishing Company of Fort Worth Texas. The company also published Bronze Thrills and Jive magazine. These magazines all have similar story lines based on true confessions of ordinary people and celebrities.  The magazine was popular in beauty and barber shops because of what was considered “risque articles” which were not suitable reading in black families homes. Publication of this magazine had ceased by 1977 and had been in circulation for almost two decades.

    hep mag 15

  2. Nobu McCarthy

    February 26, 2013 by 16stone

    nobu mccarthy 3

    Nobu McCarthy

    Something a little special today! Yesterday I was booked on a commercial for Vitamin Water Japan.  I was having a conversation with one of the crew members about 16 Stone Vintage, when she mentioned Nobu McCarthy. Low and behold I found this gorgeous Canadian- Japanese model and actress. Boy, is she a beauty. See Nobu is action on the Barney Miller show below.

  3. Carmen Jones Promo Posters (part one)

    January 19, 2013 by 16stone

    I am totally in love with these hand colored promotional posters for Carmen Jones. If you have been reading this blog for a while, you know I’m obsessed with hand colored photos. This film featured some of the most famous actors of the period (1954). Carmen Jones features: Dorothy Dandridge, Harry Belafonte, Pearl Bailey, and Diahann Carroll. Directed by Otto Preminger and written by Oscar Hammerstein II (book), Harry Kleiner (screenplay). More to come!


    click images twice for a full view

    carmen jones 23


  4. RIP to Jeni Le Gon

    December 12, 2012 by 16stone

    Jeni Le Gon, tap dancing legend passes away at age 96 in Vancouver.

    Learn More: Jeni Le Gon


    See Jeni Le Gon perform in the 1939 film Double Deal

  5. Happy Birthday Ms. Dandridge

    November 9, 2012 by 16stone

    Dorothy Jean Dandridge 

    (November 9, 1922 – September 8, 1965)

  6. Cuban Bombshell: Chelo Alonso

    October 8, 2012 by 16stone

    Chelo Alonso

    Learn more about Chelo

  7. Vintage Movies We Love: Just Another Girl on the I.R.T.

    March 13, 2012 by 16stone

    Oh my goodness, I can’t believe I’m about to do a blog post about Just Another Girl on the I.R.T. I’d forgotten all about this movie. As a kid, I remember renting this from Blockbuster at least 5 times. I had my own VCR in my room, so my parents never knew about the cursing and the sex scene. They figured it was some tween movie I was watching. Yesterday, it popped up as a suggestion for me on Netflix and I had a sudden flashback to 1992. It’s hard to believe that was 20 years ago already.

    Just Another Girl on the I.R.T.  is a classic hood movie based on a 17 year old girl named Chantel. When I was little I wanted to be just like her. I wanted those braids she had and those round sunglasses she wore. But I watched the movie again last night and my feelings about it have changed slightly. As an adult, Chantel’s character now looks to be rude, naive, and just plain dumb. At one point in the movie she dumps the boyfriend she’s seeing for a new guy just because he had a Jeep, lol. Not to mention she curses at her teachers and parents throughout the movie. She’s certainly not the type of character I’d look up to now. Regardless of the over acting and sketchy plot line, it still remains a cult classic to me. This movie had a lot of heart and a banging soundtrack. For those of us who remember, here’s a look back…


  8. Vintage Magazines: Hue Cover Girls

    January 7, 2012 by 16stone

    As obviously noted, I have a slight obsession with vintage magazines. Hue is such a rare magazine that there’s not much info out there about it. Copies of this magazine are very scarce as well.  I’ve scoured the end of the internet to bring you a collection of rare Hue cover girls all in one place. This actually took quite a bit of time and research. Feel free to share these wonderful photos, but link to this post. This took months of searching. Enjoy!

    “Hue Magazine was a publication of Johnson Publishing Company. It was a pocket entertainment news magazine published monthly during the 1950′s and feature black celebrities and news makers. Unlike Jet Magazine, Hue had a back cover and often used it to highlight aspiring actresses and models. The magazine also features a pin-up gallery with lots of photos of pretty girls. “


  9. Vintage Look Alike: Nichelle Nichols

    December 23, 2011 by 16stone

    For years now, I’ve been stopped on the street by random people to tell me I look like a young Nichelle Nichols. I have friends who have begged me to dress as Uhura for Halloween. Well I think it’s an honor to resemble such a vintage beauty. I met her once at the Comic-Con. I thought to myself, okay this is how I will look in 50 years! Hopefully…

    From wikipedia: Nichelle Nichols (born Grace Dell Nichols; December 28, 1932) is an American actresssinger and voice artist. She sang with Duke Ellington and Lionel Hampton before turning to acting. Her most famous role is that of communications officer Lieutenant Uhura aboard theUSS Enterprise in the popular Star Trek television series, as well as the succeeding motion pictures, where her character was eventually promoted in Starfleet to the rank of commander.

    Find more about Nichelle:


  10. Spotlight: Pearl Bailey

    August 10, 2010 by 16stone


    Miss Pearl Bailey… There aren’t enough words in my heart to express how much I adore her talent. She was one of the most gorgeous vintage beauties of all times. She was delicate and feminine, and rough when she needed to be as well. Pearl got her start doing Vaudeville, but eventually made it to Broadway.

    Pearl performed among the most famous entertainers of her time. In 1954, she took the role of Frankie in the film version of Carmen Jones. She also starred in the Broadway musical House of Flowers. In 1959, she played the role of Maria in the film version of Porgy and Bess, starring Sidney Poitier and Dorothy Dandridge. Also that year, she played the role of “Aunt Hagar” in the movie St Louis Bluesalongside Mahalia JacksonEartha Kitt,and Nat King Cole

    Her beauty and grace continues to inspire me. The bellowing waves of her hair, and the perfect placement of the feather on the dress blows me away. A stellar confident posture and innocent gaze in her eyes will never be forgotten.

    Cheers to Pearl Bailey…