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September, 2011

  1. Modern Vintage Natural Hair

    September 28, 2011 by 16stone


    As I transition back into my natural hair, I went looking for inspiration. Not only was I inspired, but honestly thrilled to find The Retro Natural. Her  gorgeous hair and personal style is truly what I needed to see to keep me motivated. Check out her youtube page for vintage hair tutorials. Enjoy!


  2. Vintage Prints

    September 27, 2011 by 16stone

    I was on etsy the other day and found these adorable prints from Old New House. I love these to death! I need to get the Lil Jogger print asap. Enjoy!


  3. Vintage Sailor Girl

    September 18, 2011 by 16stone

    Feeling nautical right now! My inner sailor girl can’t help it. Check out my recent 16 Stone Vintage nautical inspired treasury.

    Treasury: click here


    16 Stone Vintage Sailor Girl Jacket


    16 Stone Vintage Nautical Playsuit

  4. Fashion’s Night Out 2011

    September 9, 2011 by 16stone

    I’d been looking forward to FNO for a long time and it was worth the wait!  Wooster street was certainly the place to be. It was sort of low key at first, so I got a chance to actually enjoy a lot of the places I went into and see the fashions.

    First stop was Betsey Johnson, which was buzzing with young energy. Pink champagne and pink cake pops all around. Poofy tutu dresses with pink glitter shoes to match. Classic fun Betsey. Next was Diane Von Furstenburg who came in while I was there.this store by far had the cutest men serving food and drinks. I can truly say I got to see every single item of clothing and shoes in her store. Lots of color choices she has for fall. Mustards, greens, and royal blues.

    Next was Cole Hann which was my favorite store of the whole night. The vibe was very classy and grown up. The DJ was playing smooth but vibrant music. Hands down, they had the best champagne and cupcakes of the night! I didn’t want to leave from there but I moved on. See my Cole Hann pictures below.

    Cole Hann Boots


    Fashionable group at FNO

    Next stop was the shoe store Camper which was a real party. Music was pumping, it was bright and it was packed. They were serving mojitos and sangria, my two favorites. I tried on some of their shoes which were very well made and comfortable. I definitely recommend this store for anyone who doesn’t like cheap shoes that tear up your feet. Quality is Camper’s middle name.


  5. Vintage Travel: Pan Am Airlines

    September 6, 2011 by 16stone

    Today I finally got cast on ABC’s new show Pan Am. After submitting a million times, I was ecstatic to finally get the call. The chance to be on tv in a 1960’s period piece is all a vintage loving gal like me could ask for. I was delighted that the wardrobe department put me in a adorable floral day dress. They even went as authentic as giving me vintage undergarments. I have to admit the bras of the 1960’s were made for the darts of the dresses of the period. I wasn’t excited about wearing nylons in summer, but alas that was the way it was. Unfortunately, my scene was cancelled due to the rain, so it’s safe to show my outfit.

    During lunch I spotted Christina Ricci in a fabulous burnt orange jumper. She was looking very authentic 1963. I drooled over the Pan Am stewardess outfits. If only I could have been in those roles! They looked like perfect replicas of the iconic airline stewardesses. The show airs on ABC September 25, 2011. Check out the trailer and promo photos. I also curated a Pan Am treasury list on etsy, so check it out!

    Pan Am site

    Pan Am etsy treasury